2nd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON EMERGING TECHNIQUE IN ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT” (ICEETM) 2020 is an International conference hosted jointly by Rathinam Technical Campus (College of Engineering and Technology) & Rathinam School of Architecture, Coimbatore with the aim of creating a platform for promoting the interdisciplinary research among the academicians and professionals from the broad fields of Engineering Technology and Management.


The theme of the conference is to provide an international platform to all the world developers, researchers to engage in scientific discussion on the current research and the latest advancements in Engineering Technology and Management which facilitates for the exchange of new ideas and further improvement in it. By blending the available theories of engineering and technology and management, the conference aims at drawing new knowledge and ideas in these fields of engineering and management by involving the theoreticians like the researchers, students, teachers and the practitioners namely the industrialists to integrate the theory and the practice to achieve the goal of operational efficiency.


Paper Submission Deadline - 19th MARCH, 2020 1st March, 2020

Paper Acceptance Notification - 30 Hours from date of Submission.

Conference Date - 21st March, 2020


The Industrialises, research scholars, professionals in the fields of management and engineering are invited to participate in this International Conference by submitting original research papers that brings in innovative ideas by blending theory and practice. The Full paper with a one page abstract will be accepted by . The articles submitted to the Conference should meet the common criteria of a research paper for publication. An appointed review committee will review the content and the originality of the article for publication. Read more....
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Coimbatore, The Manchester of South India known as Kovai is known for its well established industrial base of the State of Tamilnadu. The district though famous for textile and engineering goods industries, it has a number of globally renowned industries. It has a well- established education and health sector with the second largest number of education and health institutions could be found in the district. The language of Tamil is the mother tongue of the people of Coimbatore. However, due to the ample opportunities in the district, people from all over the country are migrating to the district and hence the other languages like English, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi etc are also spoken here. The people of the district are very friendly & courteous towards their fellow human beings. The Climatic condition of the district is very pleasant throughout the year except during the summer season. In recent times, it has been growing fast as one of the Information Technology Hub of the state with an impetus given by the State Govt. the district has the pride of having the world’s second tastiest water by name "Siruvani Water" after Read More....

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